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I am Sarah Klym!

A Gold doTERRA Essential Oil educator/leader, a mom, a farmers wife, an intuitive medium and a hairstylist / salon-owner. I know what it feels like to juggle many jobs and wear many hats. Being an intuitive medium is truly my dream job. Learning about my beautiful gifts to be able to connect with spirit and help people here on earth, has been quite the journey. A life-long journey to be precise.

I was 5 years old when I realised I was different.

The growth and life guidance I have learned and experienced, the unconditional love from our divine guides, and the direction my healing practice is going, is truly what keeps my boat floating, my heart ticking and my passion for teaching so strong!

I am so truly blessed to have my beautiful little family, our beautiful new home in a beautiful little town….BUT… It’s not an easy life! Hahaha , (really is anyone’s life easy though?)  I have two young girls who are VERY intuitive and highly sensitive to emotions and energy. Besides having amazing spiritual gifts they need to learn how to use, they both have their own health “issues” that we are slowly healing and improving, and that’s where I am ridiculously grateful that I heard about doTERRA as a company.

I love and cherish this company for many reasons. FIrst and foremost because the products are REMARKABLE and trustworthy. Secondly, the mission that they so full heartedly believe in and live true to each and every day.   The mission to help one another, love one another, grow one another, and share the gift of the earth with one another. Their mission is to get oils into every home on our planet, because they work!

I belong here, I am a part of this mission, and I won’t stop.

The essential oils have changed my families life. Like I said above, it hasn’t been an easy life, I always try to remind myself that everything worth cherishing usually takes a lot of effort and hardship to appreciate fully. Doterra Oils have been a huge part of allowing my kids to have their mom back, I’m not living in a depressive state anymore, I’m not waving my VIP card in the ER  anymore. My daughter isn’t crippled in stomach pain anymore. The grounding and calming oils help energy sensitive people like us “Klym girls”, remain calm and less anxious. I could go on and on…but all you need to know is that there is a MASSIVE movement happening in our natural health care world, because the oils work, people can’t get enough of them, Physicians and health care workers are seeing the value of incorporating the oils and supplements into their practice, and I couldn’t be more proud and honored to say, I am part of it, and I hope you will be too.

Whether you are:

– in love with the products and use them daily. (a USER)

– love them so much you have to share the info with your friends and family. (a SHARER)

– you see the value and amazing opportunities to sharing and educating people about doterra to supplement your income. (a BUILDER/LEADER)


Whichever path you are on, just know that you are a part of this movement and I couldn’t thank you enough!