I did it…I enrolled in Douglas College to take the End of Life Doula course.

Your response blew me away!

I have been contemplating taking this End of Life Doula course for a few months now, each day I would feel a scary and exciting pull towards it. Every time I mentioned the idea to someone they would respond with, “oh…that sounds heavy…are you sure you want to do that? ” Which naturally stoked a tiny fire in my root chakra making me feel all fired up and ready to defend myself. I often think to myself, if everyone is fearful of this position, who is going to step up and help those in need? I already communicate with the other side (in case you are new, I am an intuitive medium) and everyone thinks that is a heavy load, so I should be able to do this right?

To be honest, talking to the other side isn’t the hard part, it’s the struggling humans sitting in my studio that pull on my heartstrings and make me try harder and harder each day to learn ways to help them find peace and comfort, while still living here on earth. Here’s hoping I learn a lot of tips for myself and you all.

October 1st, 2019 is the day I decided to enroll. I was feeling very excited so I snapped a picture of myself and the course material and posted it on social media. The response blew me away, to say the least. In the next few days, I started posting a few pictures of the book I am reading for his course and the emotions that came along with it. I casually asked, “thinking I should possibly blog this journey of mine???” Again, I was not prepared for the response from my friends and clients.

I received a lot of feedback on Facebook and Instagram encouraging me to absolutely blog my journey. A few shared their personal reasons why it would help them and they convinced me!

Did you know I’m super talented at dreaming up wonderful ideas and not starting them because I don’t know how to make it perfect? (*insert ridiculous eye roll, get over yourself*) Yup! I have decided that is selfish!

Whether my sentences are grammatically incorrect or structured poorly, my raw words are better than nothing.

Want to know a secret that helped me move past this fear? There’s a chrome program you can load on your computer called, “Grammarly” and once it is on your computer, any work you do will be automatically spell checked and underlined if it thinks it is incorrect. This is a huge confidence booster for me.

Okay, enough about the process of my selfish insecurities and more about what you can expect in this blog!

  • Truth about WHY I am taking this course. (ugh… that one is a hard one to talk about)
  • My own emotions I personally experience as I learn the steps of death, family dynamics and the course outline.
  • Interesting facts and pieces of advice as I learn.
  • Stories about my experiences through this journey
  • and probably a whole lot more I am not aware of yet!!!

Remember, I have never done this before, so words of advice would be greatly appreciated!