Being an Intuitive Medium is truly my dream “job”!

Learning how to use this God-given gift to connect with the holy spirit and help people here on earth, has been
quite the journey. A life-long journey to be precise. I was 5 years old when I realized I was “different”.

The wild journey I have experienced, the unconditional trust and love from our divine guides, and the direction my healing
practice is going, is truly what keeps my excitement alive and dreaming bigger for my business. Many more plans coming in the future, stay tuned.


Curious about My Spiritual healing


Readings are very gentle and meaningful.  I connect with many levels of energy sources for your highest good. I work with Jesus first and foremost, your guides, angels, and loved ones to relay messages that will only serve you to your highest good.

The Readings typically last 60-70 min long.

I have been doing this for the public for many years now and I can tell you it is my favorite thing to do! It is incredibly fulfilling to see the changes and peace it can bring to others. I can confidently say, having a reading may spark your curiosity to learn more about your own spirituality if you are a “non-believer” or have not grown up with any spiritual lessons or experiences.

If you are feeling lost and “low” in life, readings help to
restore your faith and positivity. I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling gift to share with others.

If you have had a loved one pass away and you are looking for some sort of sign or connection that they are with you, readings can provide much comfort in this area.

If you have enjoyed reading this and you feel called to have a session, please click here to book your appointment.