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I am a hair salon owner, intuitive medium, mom of 2, and farm wife. I have been cooking for 8-12 farm employees, every harvest, since 2008.  My cookbook keeps recipes simple, delicious, freezers stocked and gives you lots of tips from years of experience. My dream for this book is to help you keep your own life, career, health, and balance. So many women quit their own dreams and suddenly find themselves lost because they stopped everything to provide meals and running farm errands. Those tasks are extremely important and appreciated but can be extremely overwhelming if you aren’t organized. 

Not only is this 14 meal cooking guide helpful, but it has also given our farm a gift we never expected, EMPLOYEE RETENTION. We have had return employees, referral employees, and people applying to work for our farm because of the good farm meals they are provided every day at 6 pm throughout the harvest months.

This book is a must-buy if you are cooking for your farm, if you are a busy parent, or have your own career. Heck, this is a must-buy just because of the simple meals in here that can fill your freezer to simplify dinner time.

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Here’s what people have to say…

Your recipes definitely look simple enough- something I could even handle LOL, this book is making me hungry!

Tara N.

I'm absolutely going to need your hard cover version of the ebook. My boyfriend is a grain farmer and we're planning for me to move out to the farm next summer. I am so glad this is so simply layed out, now hopefully i just wont burn everything lol.

Amber T.