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Higher Level Beauty is an in home hair salon that offers much more than just hair.


I am an intuitive medium and have helped bring peace, reassurance and good health to many families. I am also a passionate essential oil educator. I love to teach people how to incorporate natural products  into their daily lives to improve everyone’s health and well-being.


Online Booking – Click Here

Intuitive/ Medium Reading- Duration: 60 mins  Price: $125.00
Wellness Consults using Essential Oils- Duration: 60-90 mins Price: $0.00
Womens Hair Cut- Duration: 45 mins Price: $45.00
Men’s Haircut- Duration: 30 mins Price: $30.00
Kids Haircut- Duration: 30 mins  Price: $15.00
Women’s Color- Duration: 115 mins Price: $85.00+
Woman’s Hilites/Lowlites- Duration: 125 mins Price: $100.00+
Eye Brow/ lip Waxing- Duration: 15 mins Price: $15.00
AromaTouch Technique- Duration: 60 mins Price: $65.00

Why Do I use doTERRA Essential Oils?

Without writing 18 pages of information I will tell you in point form.

  • It keeps me out of the hospital emergency rooms because I can control my Anxious feelings if it happens to arise, with the grounding and calming blends. (yes…anxious feelings can mimic a lot of other serious illnesses which then makes you even more anxious!)
  • I can eliminate all toxins in my home making it a cleaner breathing environment for my family, mainly using the OnGuard line, Citrus oils, Tea Tree, and diffusers.
  • We use oils instead of what is usually kept inside of our medicine cabinet. For things like tummy aches, head aches, indigestion, rashes, warts, funguses etc.
  • We use the Deep Blue rub before and after workouts. (our family has made it a goal that our treadmill will be used at least once a day from someone in the house- surprisingly our 8 year old LOVES to run and can run for almost 40 min)
  • I use the emotional oils to help my clients with grief, and loss when they are booked in for readings.
  • We choose doTERRA because they have the most beautiful hearts driving the company, making an amazing difference in the world on so many levels.
  • To sum it up, because it simply feels right for our family.

On a tight budget but you know it’s necessary to get started with oils now?

Did you know that you can earn free products simply by allowing me to come into your home and share my mission and knowledge with you and your friends? Check out the host packages!

If you would like to learn more about oils but aren’t one for having people over, that works too.  I love to teach in group settings as well as one- on- one appointments. Heck they don’t even have to be in person, we can meet online through a free app called Zoom.

Send me a message here if this interests you. 

Curious about My Spiritual healing work?

Readings are very gentle and meaningful.  I connect with many levels of energy sources for your highest good. I work with your guides, angels, and loved ones to relay messages that will only serve you to your highest good. The Readings typically last 60-70 min long.  I have been doing this for the public for a few years now and I can tell you it is my favorite thing to do EVER. It is so fulfilling to see the changes and peace it can bring to others.

Here are a couple testimonials from clients of mine: