Higher Level Beauty is an in-home healing center offering intuitive medium readings, essential oil education/retail, and all of your
beauty salon needs.

Welcome, I am Sarah Klym,

I don’t think there is just one title I could label myself with,
maybe “multi-dimensional care provider?” To say the least, I wear many hats.

I am, a mom, a farmer’s wife, an intuitive medium, a hairstylist/salon owner,
an essential oil lifestyle educator and an End of Life Doula. I have
helped bring peace, reassurance and good health to many families. Spirit has
guided me in all of these avenues and has been a huge part of my life for as
long as I can remember.

When you enter my home-based business you will feel the beautiful
welcoming energy and immediately relax for one of three services offered;
Hair, Spiritual intuitive medium readings, or Essential oil Lifestyle Guidance.

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I am sad to announce, Higher Level Beauty is TEMPORARILY CLOSED for In person appointments until further notice. Online Readings and Wellness Constults are still available.

Higher Level Beauty has some very important news for my valued and loved clients.
As the number of cases of the new coronavirus in Canada continues to rise, public health officials are warning Canadians to stay home as much as possible to prevent the spread. Herein lies the problem; my business is in my home. As much as I could clean and bleach and disinfect after each client, I don’t know if these additional steps will be enough to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The nature of my salon services does not allow for social distancing, and it will be impossible for me to provide you with the professional salon services you have come to expect from me, and I have been proud to provide for you.
Therefore, with great sadness and a moral sense of responsibility, I have decided to postpone my in-home business until such time that Public Health changes its guidelines for the safety and health of our families. It breaks my heart to post this message but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I enabled the spread of this virus.
I hope that you all know how much I value your business and I hope you will understand.

Fortunately, I am able to continue providing ONLINE intuitive medium sessions. Spirit comes through to me regardless of location, there is no distance that keeps us apart. You can book these sessions online at www.higherlevelbeauty.com. My schedule is fairly open so please feel free to call or message me if you need a different time than what you see is available.
I have decided to offer FREE wellness support to anyone who is interested in using DoTERRA essential oils in their home to help support your family’s immune systems. That again is on my website and called a Wellness Consultation. We can do this over the phone or online.

I can’t wait until it is safe to see you all again and I would like to stay in touch. Please keep well and if I know you at all, I know you will do what is best for yourselves and your families.

Sarah Klym, Owner

Higher Level Beauty

ps. If you need any oils or hair products and live nearby, I am offering free delivery to your doorstep as long as I remain well.

I really recommend following DoTERRA USA on Facebook for many reasons. #1 reason is that Doterra posts a new video with Dr. Osguthorpe, delivering accurate and calm updates on our pandemic. Who is Dr. Osguthrope??? Dr. Osguthorpe’s specialty is working with Pediatric Infectious Diseases. He currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer of doTERRA International and Prime Meridian Healthcare. He is establishing a nationwide network of primary care clinics focused on wellness and prevention through integrative, evidence-based medical practice.

I’ve had many clients and friends ask me what I am using to keep myself supported, and here it is:
Melissa Oil- 1 drop in my mouth morning and night
Yarrow Pom Capsules- One in the morning and once at night
Lifelong Vitality supplements
PB assist.
Frankincense and Easy Air on my chest
Arborvitae baths.
and of course, SERENITY AND BALANCE!
and….allowing myself to cry and feel. Remember, it’s okay to cry, we are all in this together.

Here’s what my kids are doing:
Vitamins in morning
Smoothies once a day loaded with fruit and veggies
PB assist
On Guard touch roller bottle
Diluted Melissa on their feet before bed
Copaiba and Serenity to help them sleep well.

Stay Safe, be smart, and enjoy the time that is being presented to us.

Sarah Klym